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Comprehensive Baby & Toddler Sleep Guide 

Suitable for newborns - 3 years old

*FREE 30 minute phone consult 

This guide is here to help you feel empowered about sleep, so you can navigate it in a way that is supportive and feels comfortable.

I am not here to tell you what you *should* be doing. I’m here to share my knowledge, tools and insights I have learned over the years of not only parenting my three children but working with thousands of families – all with unique parenting styles and children. 

Seeking support and advice doesn’t mean you’re failing - there is no rule book for parenting and each parent’s journey is different and so is each child.

This guide will leave you feeling lighter and less stressed about your baby's sleep.

What's Included in the Holistic Sleep Guide?

  • Wake windows and nap transitions

  • Catnapping and contact naps

  • Independent naps

  • Early rising

  • Moving from cot to bed

  • False starts

  • The dummy

  • Understanding your babies personality

  • And so much more!


This sleep guide does not include any traditional sleep training methods such as the Cry-It-Out or Controlled Crying method. The tools you will be given will truly help you to navigate your baby's sleep in a gentle and holistic way.

There is no need to feel like you are compromising your parenting philosophy to encourage better quality sleep for your family.

What Parents Say About the Sleep Guide

“The Holistic Sleep Mumma Sleep Guide really helped our little family more than words can say. 


Tracey is just amazing - she is so supportive, she goes above and beyond to help and she genuinely cares about my little bub. She always checks in to see how we are doing and never ceases to amaze me with how much knowledge she has with all things baby sleep, leaps and moods. 

Our girls day naps improved amazingly from 20-30 minute random cat naps to structured naps. Her nights are also so much better and she now goes down awake and puts herself to sleep as well as self settles herself through the night. It’s incredible. 

Thank you Holistic Sleep Mumma, you’re an earth angel. “

Dr Carla Brion (Mother and Registered with AHPRA - Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency)

" Love love love my Sleep Guide! My baby girl now sleeps through the night after months of sleepless nights "
Theresa (Millie 14 months) 

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