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Phone Consultations

Ongoing 1:1 support until your child is 4 years of age!

As a Mumma myself I know how important support is to your parenting journey, this is why I provide families who schedule Home or Phone Consultations with ongoing text /email support, instead of the usual 1 /3 weeks of support you would typically get when working with a Sleep Consultant.

For Ages:

~ 11 weeks - 4 years ~


Our most popular service we offer.


Phone Consultations provide a great opportunity for parents to talk openly about their baby or child’s sleep with an experienced and certified baby sleep consultant. 

Throughout the Phone Consultation we discuss your baby/child’s current sleeping situation, what sleep goal you want to achieve, any concerns you might have about techniques or approaches available etc. 


Phone Consultations are useful to not only provide a plan and steps required to reach your sleep goal, but to also educate families about why your baby/child is sleeping the way they are. 


Phone Consultations are also important for discussing how interruptions to your baby/child’s sleep routine may disrupt their sleep (i.e. a late night visiting family for dinner) and what steps to take in these situations to ensure their sleep does not regress. 


Apart from the benefits of being able to talk openly about your baby/child’s sleep and the approach moving forward, Phone Consultations are vital in parents building a positive relationship with their sleep consultant. This relationship is important as it assists in families trusting the process and advice being given. 

Following the Phone Consultation, you are provided with a Personalised Sleep Assessment Document, outlining everything discussed on the phone as well as an in depth age appropriate sleep plan for your baby/child that also reflects their personality as well as the parents work/life balance.

Our aim is to have parents feeling empowered about their baby/child’s sleep without compromising your parenting philosophy.


Included in this service: ​

  • Online questionnaire relating to your child’s current sleeping situation. This is to be filled out prior to your consultation so our sleep consultants can review before the call

  • 1 - 1.5 hour phone consultation​​

  • Sleep education on the foundations of sleep:

    • Positive/negative sleep associations

    • Day naps 

    • Sleep environment

    • Awake windows

  • Discussion around various gentle self-settling techniques available and which one your child will respond to

  • What to do when a sleep routine is interrupted or does not go to plan

  • Personalised and comprehensive sleep assessment document covering everything discussed on the phone

  • Detailed age appropriate sleep plan

  • FOREVER UNLIMITED SUPPORT via text/email throughout the process of achieving a families desired sleep goal




Jordy 6 month baby.jpg

Tara and Shane
~ Jordy 6 months ~

The support and guidance that we received from Tracey was something we could only have dreamt of. 

Our baby boy Jordy (6 months) was a daytime catnapper who would take longer to go to sleep than he would stay asleep. After the dreaded 4 month sleep regression night times got continually worse until he was waking every 45 minutes to an hour. I was feeding around 6 times overnight as this was the only way to get him back to sleep. Sleep time had become a very daunting occasion and it’s safe to say we were exhausted. Having tried everything, we called Holistic Sleep Mumma and can undoubtedly say it was the best phone call we ever made. 

Tracey created a gentle sleep plan that both my husband and I felt comfortable with. She constantly checked in and promptly answered our million questions daily with so much care and kindness. Her ongoing reassurance and personalised support is what made her different to any other sleep consultant we have ever come across. 

Within a couple weeks our boy had completely transformed. Sleep time was now a positive, happy experience and Jordy was self settling and linking his sleep cycles. He has now learnt to put himself to sleep and only wakes for his two night feeds. 

We can’t speak highly enough of Tracey and her in depth knowledge and support through our boys sleep journey. To say she went above and beyond for our family is an understatement. Holistic Sleep Mumma is our sleep angel and we are so so grateful to have found her!

Rachael and Mckenzi Happy Smiles.jpg

Rachael & Benjamin
~ Mckenzi 10 months ~

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tracey in regards to my 10mth olds sleeping issues. 

Multiple wake ups, 4 am starts to the day,  irregular nap times, and cat napping. We were sad, and struggling, with a husband that works away from home for months at a time, there was no respite for this tired mumma. 

At the time I was currently utilising another sleep coach and after several months with no success, I called Tracey to enlist her help. Fastforward to today and what a change my little girl has made after Traceys guidance. 

Night one with Tracey we achieved massive results, a sleep through the night, a full night sleep for our little girl, something we could only have dreamed of, and from that night on, the sleeping through became consistent, every night she is sleeping soundly, she was another level of happy during the day that we hadn’t seen before. Her naps were becoming routine, and she now tells me she’s tired and wants to go to bed. When she wakes up in the morning she is bouncing in her bed with a beautiful ‘HEYEE mumma.

Tracey restored our nights from dreading the bedtime hour to every member of our family getting a good night sleep. My only regret is I didnt call her back sooner. 

Tracey is empathetic, knowledgeable, communicative, available, PRESENT and above all,  everything she said we could achieve has been achieved. 

I fully recommend Holistic Sleep Mumma to anyone who needs a gentle sleep training that Works.

Arlo Sleeping Happy.jpg

Julia and Kris
~ Arlo 9 months ~

Our nine month old baby, Arlo had been waking every hour or two since birth. He had always been fed on demand and also had a dummy for sleep.  When we would settle him to sleep we would feed him, rock him or pat him and this routine had gone on for months.

He was often waking in the night clearly not hungry but so sad and often we were unable to resettle him because he'd worked himself up so much.  After reaching complete sleep deprived mania we decided it was time to ask for help. My husband found Tracey online and immediately after our free 15 minute consult we knew she was going to be an amazing help for us.


I wanted to avoid tears at all cost and I knew that going in to Arlo when he cried was very important for me, I wanted him to know that no matter how old he is, if he needs us, we will always be there. Tracey understood this and created a sleep plan for us based on our parenting style. Within a week he had started to sleep much longer stretches up to 10 hours a night. His resettles were fast and painless and he had stopped demanding to be breastfed all night long. Hallelujah!  After 8 days he was sleeping through the night unassisted and only drinking sips of water if he ever woke sad.

The sleep plan and the advice that Tracey provided us with was amazing, but by far the best thing about the process was how supportive she was at every turn. She replied to emails and texts so quickly. It honestly felt like she was a third member of the family for that first week. We couldn't believe how quickly sleep patterns can be corrected with the right advice. Our lives are changed forever and our baby is so much happier getting all the sleep he needs. 

Baby Sleep Consulting Testimonials.jpeg

Kristin & Leigh 
~ Zaeli 18 months ~

I want to say a huge thank you to Tracey for empowering my husband and I and providing us with the knowledge we needed to tackle sleep training with Zaeli.


For some time now Zaeli’s sleep had been terrible. Zaeli is 18 months and was still waking up every 1.5 to 2 hours, would not be comforted by my husband during the night and needed to be breast-fed to sleep. I was exhausted and would continually suffer from migraines from the lack of sleep.


My husband and I decided that for my health that it’s best we seek some guidance. Tracey was recommended to us through a friend, we are so grateful to have ‘crossed paths’! 

I feel like I have a new baby girl! Within the second night of commencing sleep training she was sleeping through the night (6:30 pm to 7 am), settles herself and isn’t breast-fed during the night any more.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Xx

Baby Sleep Consultant Family.jpg

Ferida & Zaher
~ Miran 5 months ~

A friend of my husband's introduced us to Tracey and we are so blessed to have met her.


Before help from Tracey our baby was not sleeping more than 30 minutes during his naps and was waking up every 1.5 to 2 hours at nights, which meant we were all very tired and had an unhappy baby.


But now he wakes up twice at night for feeds and his naps are no shorter than 1 hour.  He was in a routine and self settling himself to sleep by the 9th day of the training, which I was not expecting at all. This was all thanks to the constant support from Tracey and I recommend her to anyone who needs help with their babies sleep. 

Thank you so much for what you have done for our family and I will forever be grateful 

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