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Australia's Preferred Baby Sleep Consultants

Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night?

The certified baby sleep consultants at Holistic Sleep Mumma can help ensure your baby is sleeping beautifully during the day and through the night in no time!

Some of the most common reasons parents reach out for our assistance are:

  • 4 month sleep regression

This is a permanent developmental leap which means it doesn't pass. Your baby now has fully established sleep cycles which means if a sleep association isn't agreeing with them, this will cause disruption between sleep cycles. 
Now is the perfect time to start exploring what works and what doesn't work for their sleep.

  • How do I teach my baby to self settle

For most babies, self settling is a skill that they need to be taught.

We use gentle approaches with families to ensure your baby learns how to self settle in a calm environment. 

  • My baby is waking frequently through the night

There are many factors that can cause a baby to wake through the night, such as over or under tiredness. 

We look at your babies environment, routine, nutrition and settling methods that best suit your babies personality. 

Working with a baby sleep consultant

Throughout the process of teaching your newborn or toddler to sleep, the baby sleep consultants at Holistic Sleep Mumma focus on: 

  • Teaching babies how to link their sleep cycles

  • Educating families on the foundations of sleep

  • Training parents in gentle self-settling techniques

  • Positive/Negative sleep associations

  • Why sleep is so important for the physical and mental development of your baby

  • Setting up the perfect sleep environment

  • Age appropriate sleep routines

  • Nutrition

  • Developmental milestones your baby will go through (i.e. the 4 month regression)


Our passion is to assist families when they feel lost and to have parents feeling empowered about their child’s sleep without compromising their parenting philosophy.

At Holistic Sleep Mumma our certified baby sleep consultants believe that quality sleep is life changing, so we provide UNLIMITED SUPPORT with every consulting service. This ensures we are with you every step of the way towards your baby sleeping through the night. 

Families we have assisted

Our certified baby sleep consultants are physically based in Adelaide, South Australia and have successfully assisted many families across Australia (and even overseas) to achieve their sleep goals! 

Some of the families we have assisted have come from: 

  • Adelaide, South Australia

  • Melbourne, Victoria

  • Darwin, Northern Territory

  • Canberra, ACT

  • Sydney, New South Wales

  • Perth, Western Australia

  • Brisbane and Gold Coast, Queensland 

  • Beijing, China

  • Vancouver, Canada

We provide UNLIMITED SUPPORT to each family to ensure we all reach their sleep goal together. 

"We couldn't believe how quickly sleep patterns can be corrected with the right advice. Our lives are changed forever and our baby is so much happier getting all the sleep he needs."

~ Julia, Kris & Arlo 9 months ~

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"Tracey’s communication is second to none. She goes above and beyond to help & promptly answers all questions. My husband & I are extremely grateful for the support, advice & guidance that Tracey has given us. We are so glad we found Tracey when we did." 

~ Rachel, Ryan & Lenny 5 months ~

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Our certified baby sleep consultants understand every child is different, so we take the time to understand your family so we can personalise your chosen package. Our services include:

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