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Sleep Services

Ongoing 1:1 support until your child is 4 years of age!

As a Mumma myself I know how important support is to your parenting journey, this is why I provide families who schedule Home or Phone Consultations with ongoing text /email support, instead of the usual 1 /3 weeks of support you would typically get when working with a Sleep Consultant.

Do I need a baby sleep consultant?

Being a parent can be quite challenging at times, so I am here to relieve some of those challenges by supporting you whilst you support your child's sleep. 

I truly believe there is no one size fits all approach and I also believe that sleep is important to us all - babies and toddlers included.

As parents, we need to be at our best and sleeping well certainly helps us to be!


GENTLE sleep training looks at your child's sleep in a different way than what traditional sleep training methods do. It's not about focusing on self settling or having a nap routine, sure we can absolutely explore these things but we also need to look at the bigger picture because so much goes into supporting sleep.


My approach is holistic and family focused. I work 1:1 with families using gentle and responsive methods that are effective to help you get back on track with sleep, so you can all start to thrive, not just survive.

Here are some common reasons why parents reach out to me:

  • Handling the 4 month sleep regression

  • Cat napping

  • Settling and resettling difficulties

  • Struggling with developmental leaps and how they affect sleep

  • Night weaning

  • Split nights

  • Early rising

  • Establishing a consistent routine

Our passion is to assist families when they feel lost and to have parents feeling empowered about their child’s sleep without compromising their parenting philosophy.


Email Consult

Cost-effective way to reach your sleep goals and popular amongst families who live outside of Australia.

If your baby or child is generally a good sleeper but has developed a few sleeping behaviours that you want to get on top of before they get out of hand (such as early wakings, no longer self settling, difficult to get to bed etc) then Email Consultations are for you!

Learn more about what's involved in this service HERE

Ask Me Anything
Phone Consult

Open conversation.

Ask Me Anything Phone Consultations allow families an opportunity to talk openly about their child's sleep and are provided with a verbal plan for tackling their child's sleep behaviour. 

Families who do an Ask Me Anything Consultation are also able to purchase my Sleep Guide at a discounted rate of $50.

Learn more about what's involved in this service HERE

Phone Consult

Our most popular service we offer.


Phone Consultations provide a great opportunity for parents to talk openly about their baby or child’s sleep with an experienced and certified baby sleep consultant. 

Includes a Personalised Sleep Assessment Document, outlining everything discussed.

Learn more about what's involved in this service HERE

Home Consult

Popular for those families who prefer a more hands on approach. 

An experienced and certified sleep consultant comes to your house and is able to examine your baby/child's sleep environment, demonstrate settling techniques, discuss your baby/child’s current sleeping situation, discuss any concerns you might have etc.

Learn more about what's involved in this service HERE

You can still support your child in a gentle and responsive way, whilst changing some of the habits you have established, if they are no longer working for your family


Suitable for newborns - 3 yr olds

Being a parent can be hard, but it does not need to be exhausting!

Our Baby Sleep Guide ensures you have the knowledge and skills to have your baby sleeping beautifully through the night.


Our experienced certified Baby Sleep Consultants created this Baby Sleep Guide to ensure families feel empowered about their babies sleep.

We have successfully assisted hundreds of families achieve their sleep goals - so what are you waiting for?

Want to book a consultation or have a quick chat about your child's sleep?

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