Sleep Services

We are fully committed to families who trust us in assisting them with their child's sleep and due to this, our home and phone services come with forever unlimited support via text/email throughout the process of achieving a families desired goal

Do I need a baby sleep consultant?

Being a parent can be hard, but it does not need to be exhausting! 

There is no need to struggle through the sleep deprivation when you can have a beautifully sleeping baby relatively easily.


Sleep training your baby is not as hard as you might think.


All of our methods are gentle, responsive and never compromise the parent-child bond. We find that there is absolutely no need to use the cry it out method. We find that we can get your baby feeling confident and secure in self settling without the need for such a harsh method.

Common reasons parents work with baby sleep consultants:

  • Handling the 4 month sleep regression

  • Sudden regressions in their babies sleep

  • Issues with self settling

  • Baby waking frequently through the night

  • Baby sleeping at night but not during the day and vice versa

Our passion is to assist families when they feel lost and to have parents feeling empowered about their child’s sleep without compromising their parenting philosophy.


Email Consult

Cost-effective way to reach your sleep goals and popular amongst families who live outside of Australia.

If your baby or child is generally a good sleeper but has developed a few sleeping behaviours that you want to get on top of before they get out of hand (such as early wakings, no longer self settling, difficult to get to bed etc) then Email Consultations are for you!

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Prenatal and Newborn

Congratulations mumma!

Whether you are expecting a bundle of joy, in the newborn bubble of love or looking for a baby shower gift, this is the perfect option.

Includes a personalised and comprehensive prenatal and newborn sleep assessment document covering everything discussed on the phone.

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Phone Consult

Our most popular service we offer.


Phone Consultations provide a great opportunity for parents to talk openly about their baby or child’s sleep with an experienced and certified baby sleep consultant. 

Includes a Personalised Sleep Assessment Document, outlining everything discussed.

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Home Consult

Popular for those families who prefer a more hands on approach. 

An experienced and certified sleep consultant comes to your house and is able to examine your baby/child's sleep environment, demonstrate settling techniques, discuss your baby/child’s current sleeping situation, discuss any concerns you might have etc.

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A baby who sleeps consistently is not only amazing for parents, but sufficient sleep for babies directly impacts positive mental and physical development. 


Suitable for newborns - 3 yr olds

Being a parent can be hard, but it does not need to be exhausting!

Our Baby Sleep Guide ensures you have the knowledge and skills to have your baby sleeping beautifully through the night.


Our experienced certified Baby Sleep Consultants created this Baby Sleep Guide to ensure families feel empowered about their babies sleep.

We have successfully assisted hundreds of families achieve their sleep goals - so what are you waiting for?

Want to book a consultation or have a quick chat about your child's sleep?