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A baby who sleeps consistently is not only amazing for parents, but sufficient sleep for babies directly impacts positive mental and physical development. 


Suitable for newborns - 3 yr olds

Being a parent can be hard, but it does not need to be exhausting!

Our Baby Sleep Guide ensures you have the knowledge and skills to have your baby sleeping beautifully through the night.


Our experienced certified Baby Sleep Consultants created this Baby Sleep Guide to ensure families feel empowered about their babies sleep.

We have successfully assisted hundreds of families achieve their sleep goals - so what are you waiting for?


Angus (18 months)

We have our room back and our sanity thanks to Tracey. We had been struggling for months to get our 18month old son out of our bed and into his own room.

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Ruby (8 months)

We cannot sing high enough praises of the help Tracey provided us with! Regularly touching base, no question was too silly or difficult and she was always quick to reply when we were unsure. Most of all, she was so encouraging the whole time and gave us confidence to handle situations that didn't run to 'plan'.

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Arlo (9 months)

8 days is all it took for Arlo to go from waking every 1-2 hours to sleeping through the night. Without leaving Arlo to cry & figure it out on his own we guided Julia & Kris through their journey of teaching & supporting Arlo to consolidate his sleep which was very important to them. 

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Below are some of the common reasons parents reach out for our assistance and how we help them to have their baby sleeping through the night. 

My baby is waking frequently through the night

There are many factors that can cause a baby to wake through the night, such as over or under tiredness. 

We look at your babies environment, routine, nutrition and settling methods that best suit your babies personality. 

4 month sleep regression!

This is a permanent developmental leap which means it doesn't pass. Your baby now has fully established sleep cycles which means if a sleep association isn't agreeing with them, this will cause disruption between sleep cycles.

Now is the perfect time to start exploring what works and what doesn't work for their sleep.

How do I teach my baby to self settle

For most babies, self settling is a skill that they need to be taught.

We use gentle approaches with families to ensure your baby learns how to self settle in a calm environment. 




Tracey Murray - Wife, Mum, Certified Baby and Infant Sleep Consultant & Founder of Holistic Sleep Mumma

Our passion is to assist families when they feel lost. I've been there, I’ve been the sleep deprived Mum who dreaded the nights, who scrolled the internet for hours trying to figure out the ways to get my baby to sleep. I fed my son to sleep, I rocked him, I bounced him - heck I even bought an exercise ball which lived in our bedroom to bounce on - I tried the dummy (he HATED it) and I drove and walked for kms just to get him to close those beautiful eyes of his. It was hard, he cried and I cried. You name it, it happened - cat napping, using me as dummy, early rising and cluster feeding just to name a few.

Seeking advice doesn’t mean you’re failing, there is no rule book for parenting. Parenthood doesn't need to be exhausting, yes it has its daily challenges but sleep is a biological need and is essential to being happy and healthy. Here at Holistic Sleep Mumma we understand every child is different so we take the time to understand your family so we can personalise your chosen package.


Quality sleep is life changing, so what are you waiting for? Select from one of our packages today or schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

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