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Week Eight with our Baby

Predictable Routines

This week has been a little boring - things have started to settle down, for now!

Casper is slowing getting into a predictable routine which is nice. He generally has 4 naps a day which range from 45 mins - 2 hours and I aim to have him in bed no later than 7/7:30pm depending on when his last nap of the day was.

Sibling Bath Time
I am loving bath time with the boys. Each night they get in together and it’s really turned into a bonding session for them. Casper sits there and chills in his little seat whilst Otis chats away to him, showing him all his toys. We listen to music and now that Paul is working from home he joins in too. It’s such a fun little family experience.

Dream Feeds
I have started implementing a dream feed each night now. I loved doing a dream feed with Otis and I hope Casper responds well to it.
Dream feeds for those who aren’t aware of what they are are basically a ‘top up’ feed. Ideally it’s done a few hours after bed time, commonly at 10/10:30pm. It’s a beautiful calm feed. You basically pick your bubba up and place them to the breast or bottle and they take a sleepy feed. You don’t change their nappy because you don’t want to wake them up that much.
The idea behind a dream feed is to encourage a long stint of sleep through the middle of the night. Depending on your bubba’s age they will next wake up usually from 2am or even sleep through till the morning.
At this stage Casper is still waking up once before morning after his dreamfeed, sometimes twice if he’s going through a leap or growth spurt.


Toddlers and TV
Since having Casper and going into isolation the tv has been on SO much so we decided to really try and limit Otis’s exposure to it. So far he’s been pretty good, we’ve had a few tantrums but it’s a lot nicer seeing him use his imagination and play with his toys as opposed to being a bit of a potato in front of the tv.
We rearranged his room to give it a different feel too which can entice children to play with their toys more and so far it’s working. He thinks the new lay out is great! Next step is to actually go through all his toys and pack away the ones he isn’t interested in but that’s a chore for another weekend.

Let's Talk Having a Second Child
Nothing can quite prepare you for the feeling the rush over you when you meet your second bubba. Every Mumma prior to meeting their second bub will m have doubts as to how their heart will be big enough for two. How on earth will you love your second bubba as much as your first?

And then it hits you like a sack of bricks. It’s amazing. It’s like nothing before. As soon as you meet that little human all the doubt melts away.

I have found being a mum for the second time very very different. I love my boys with every inch of my body and soul and I love them equally - but differently. My love for Otis is so different to my love for Casper. It’s no less or no more, just different.

Otis made me a Mumma. He was the one who turned my world upside down and taught me so many life lessons. Otis is the only child who will have had my 100% undivided attention. He’s the lucky one who got the brand new clothes and the brand new toys. The first born child is so special for so many reasons. My love for him is really hard to describe. I don’t love him more than Casper but it’s a different love.

The Love You Have For Your Second Baby
Casper has blown me away. I wasn’t sure what to expect having a second child and I was worried I wouldn’t love him like I do Otis, truth be told I don’t love him like I love Otis. This is a different love. Again, it’s not more or less it’s just so different.
Casper has changed our lives. He’s taught me I am stronger than I thought I was, he’s taught me to soak up the moments and to not wish the days away. Sure I have had my moments of longing for him to be older and less needy but more often than not I am relishing in the cuddles and closeness because in a blink of an eye he will be running around with Otis and thinking he’s too cool to give Mummy a smooch.

The love you have and receive from your children is so addictive. A rush comes over me when I hold them close and kiss their faces - even when Otis is telling me to “stop it” haha.

If you’re pondering the idea of a second baby absolutely 100% do it. It’s incredible. You don’t even realise you are missing them until you meet them. As soon as I saw Casper it’s as if I knew he existed all along and I had been waiting for him. Such a surreal feeling.

Still Baby Wearing
As many of you know I have been baby wearing Casper for all his day sleeps basically since he was born. It’s been easier for us all. No battling to get him to sleep in the bassinet and it ensures he’s getting quality sleep, he’s close to me (important for the fourth trimester) all whilst my hands have been free to eat (very important haha) and be available for Otis (also very important).
It’s come the time that my back is killing me and the naps aren’t working as well as they used to though. Being 8 weeks old (9 corrected) Casper is so much more aware of his surroundings and really needs to be sleeping in a sleepy environment as opposed to being in a well lit lounge room with Otis roaring like a dinosaur every 5 minutes.

Bassinet settling
Because we aren’t going anywhere or seeing anyone over the Easter long weekend I am setting these 4 days aside to focus on bassinet settling Casper, that way I can have him sleeping in his bassinet during the day.
Even though my back is killing me I’m getting pretty sad that this milestone is coming to an end but we all need it to. Stay tuned for next weeks blog on how it all goes!

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