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Socialising After Isolation

Social Butterfly

I felt like such a social butterfly this past weekend!


Saturday morning I went out for brunch with some girlfriends for one of their birthdays and it was SO refreshing to be eating out and being 'normal' again. 

It went really fast though because we were only allowed to be there for 1.5 hours, so as you can imagine 5 babbling women trying to fit everything into 1.5 hours made the time fly by.


I then went out to another friend's house for her 30th, again the night went so fast and to be honest I was actually really mentally drained from the day!

I loved seeing my girlfriends but I was buggered haha.

Rough Nights

Casper had a few rough days/nights this past week so I studied my food diary and I have discovered peanuts, almonds and cashews trigger off his stomach pain :(

Not hazelnuts though which is weird.


So now I am eliminating all nuts for two weeks and then will bring one back at a time to see which ones actually upset him.

The naturopath is still confident it's not an allergy, more so an intolerance OR that his tummy just needs some more support digesting the protein found in these nuts.

I was feeling really upset about the thought of him having a nut allergy, just because of the way it'll impact him growing up but I am trying not to think that far ahead and to just concentrate on the here and now. 

I know there are parents who are dealing with a lot worse than this.


If your bubba has an allergy I'd love to have a chat to hear about your experience and how you are dealing with it.


Kindergym is back!!! I was so excited to take Otis back to kindergym. The classes are smaller, 10 kids and 10 adults per session which is actually quite nice as it’s not so chaotic. 

Otis was a bit shy at first, which is you know Otis you know this isn’t like him haha. He didn’t want to be part of the welcoming songs so we went straight to the equipment. It didn’t take him long to be bouncing around everywhere! 

They had to change the set up too. Now it’s just equipment such as trampolines and jungle gyms. Before Covid19 they also had toys as well but I like that they’ve had to take those things away because it means Otis actually uses his body in ways he can’t at home - he has toys at home to play with but he doesn’t have a jungle gym. 


Once Otis felt completely comfortable there again he got involved in the goodbye songs and was back to dancing in the middle of the circle like the show off he is haha. 


He was so pooped after the class but I loved seeing him interact with other children and run around having a ball. 

Self Care

I had a massage and it was bloody glorious. Paul has been feeling so upset and helpless when it comes to Casper’s unsettled nights that he told me to do book one in and get whatever I wanted done - so I took that offer up before he could finish what he was saying! 


I had a back massage and a facial massage - which by the way was magical. I had so much tension in my shoulders and jaw so it was great to have it all released. I literally felt like butter walking out. 


It’s so important that we practice self care. I know as mums we push ourselves to the back of the line usually but we can’t allow ourselves go burn out. A simple massage can be all that’s needed to revive your spirit and release any tension you are carrying. 


We’ve all just been through an intense period of stress and uncertainty with Covid19, the least you can so for yourself is practice self care. 


I challenge you to do something that’s just for you this week and when you do, let me know. I want to know if you feel like a whole new woman like I do right now. 


Thanks for reading this weeks blog xx

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