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16 Weeks with our Baby

16 Weeks With Casper

I had to look back at my last blog to figure out how many weeks Casper is now - second child problems haha.


I am sure the days are going faster and faster as the weeks go by, it's really upsetting because I want to bottle up his squishiness and keep it forever!

Constantly Changing

Casper changes everyday and this past week I have noticed he's giggling more, he loves watching Otis play with his toys and has a constant smile on his face when doing so. He looooooves the TV! My gosh he will sit there giggling and squealing. Again, second child problems - I never let Otis watch TV, not until he was nearly one and here's Casper living his best life watching Frozen and Monsters Inc at 3 months of age each morning whilst I get Otis breakfast and slowly wake up.


He hasn't rolled since he did it twice 2 weeks ago but this week I have actually transitioned him into his Love To Dream sleeping bag. The Miracle Swaddle I have had him in since birth is now too small for him, I cannot tuck his legs in anymore because he's too tall and I've noticed he really loves his hands so now he can use his hands to settle off to sleep if he wants. 

I was curious to see how he would go having his arms up, during the day he was fine. As I write this I am yet to see how he goes at night so you’ll have to wait until next weeks blog to find out ;)

Hubby Going Back to the Office

This is the last week Paul is home with us. I am really sad. I'll miss him so much and so will the boys, Otis in particular - he is obsessed with Paul. But I acknowledge how lucky we have been to be able to spend this time together. It has been tough at times when he's been trying to work and Otis wants to play, poor Otis doesn't quite understand that despite Daddy being home he's not actually 'home', he's at work. But I think he now realises that when Paul is at his desk that Daddy is working.

Toilet Training Regression!!

Something weird happened this week. Otis regressed with his toilet training! He had been doing so well. Having hardly any accidents, but on Monday he had 3-4 accidents. He would tell us he needed to wee when he had already gone. We kept calm and didn't make a deal about it, just explained he need's to wee in the toilet.

Hopefully this was just a weird little regression and he will go back to seeing in the toilet as opposed to in his undies because I can't keep up with the washing, nor do I want to do more washing than I really need to haha.

Casper's Tummy Issues

Casper's tummy has improved this week. He is on a new probiotic and a herbal mix made by the naturopath. He started on one drop a day of the mix and now he is on two drops a day. He is vomiting less after a feed, not that this was concerning to me because he wasn't vomiting a lot but I have noticed I am not covered in breast milk at the end of the day which is nice.

He is pooing more, he's not struggling to pass farts as much and he is burping easier.

We even got a 7 hour stretch of sleep which was amaaaaaaazing. I did his dreamed at 10pm and then he didn't wake till just after 6am, I couldn't believe it! My boobs had leaked everywhere and were rock hard but I was so refreshed - and so was he. The only negative thing to come form this massive stretch of sleep was that I threw my back out. Because i have been so tired lately, I slept in the same position for the whole 7 hours which meant when I got up I was in a world of pain. The joys of getting older.

Of course that stretch of sleep hasn't happened again lol. He is having better nights though. When he does wake, he either needs a resettle or a feed.

If he wakes before 3am, I always resettle him and if he wakes after then I'll feed him which gets him through till after 6am.

On a bad night he will wake 2-3 times after the dreamed and on a good night it's just once.


He's also in leap 4 which has caused him to be a bit of a grump the past few days and is why he's waking some nights in between sleep cycles - hello 4 month sleep regression! But this will settle down soon. I will continue to resettle him when he needs help and ensure he's supported and secure.

Sleeping in Separate Rooms

Something I haven't shared with you all and I am not sure why I haven't, well actually I am, I guess a part of me has been a bit embarrassed about it..

Paul and I have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for about 2 months. We are absolutely fine, it's because of how unsettled Casper is at night. Paul's job is very stressful and he doesn't cope that well if he's not getting sleep so we decided that he would sleep in our spare room until Casper's tummy was better. 

It's definitely weird to not have him in bed but if I am being completely honest I don't mind it haha. I get to spread out and also not feel bad about disturbing him when settling Casper! He's also not the quietest person (if you ask him though he's as quiet as mouse) so it means he isn't disturbing myself or Casper through the night. We have an old bed that's pretty squeaky and when Paul rolls over it can be so loud. Me on the other hand, I fall asleep and barely move because I am such a deep sleeper, especially when tired. 


I don't know why I felt so embarrassed about sharing this, I know we are not the only parents to sleep separately at some point - in fact a conversation I had with a client sparked me to share this with you all. She shared with me that her husband was sleeping in their spare bedroom and she was quite embarrassed about it, so I confessed we were in the same situation too! 

It's funny how we tend to not share our lows, we only share our highs but that's not life. Life is a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

Social media is a highlight reel, not many people out there will openly share their struggles which is frustrating because we all have them.


This is why I try and be as transparent as I can with you all. I would hate to think another Mumma felt alone in her struggles or that she was failing. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks blog and if you are struggling with anything I am always just a message away xx

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