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Hospital Visits

Thank You For Joining This Week's Blog!

As many of you know we had a rough time with Casper Sunday which resulted in a hospital trip. I will touch on this later on.

Busy Week!

Last week I didn't get to writing a blog. I had the busiest week I have had in a long long time.

Monday we had a playdate with my sister in law and my nephew and niece. The 3 kids had an absolute ball together! Otis and Aubrey (Aubrey is 18 months) were little menaces haha. We have discovered that these two together are double trouble! We don't live close to my brother and sister in law so playdates don't happen all that often unfortunately but when they do - they are epic.


Tuesday was kinder gym day, Otis is still loving being back. Next term he is moving up a class :( He turns 3 in November and there is an influx of babies coming through so he needs to move on. This was the first class he ever joined and he's saying goodbye to some of his friends because the schedules don't align with our commitments but I am sure he will make new ones (and new mummy friends for me too).


Wednesday my lovely friend Samara came over for the day. She fixed Otis's botched hair cut (which I am sure you saw on my instagram stories haha) and we caught up on so much! We are close friends but hadn't had a decent hang out in ages - it really filled up my cup.


Thursday my Nanna spent the day with us. She has missed me and the boys terribly. Prior to Covid-19 happening she would spend every Thursday with us so I could work. Her and Otis have such a special bond so seeing those two together again was cute. She's also hardly seen Casper so she got lots of cuddles in.


Friday was a bit quieter but in the afternoon we went got a lovely walk with my friend/neigbour Jenna and her little man Huey!


In between all of this I also worked every night doing consultations! So yes as you can see I had no time to sit down and right a blog haha!


On Saturday we took the boys to get their immunisations. Paul has never actually taken them with me so this was a first for him. Otis took his flu injection like a champ and poor Casper had to have 3 injections plus the oral rotavirus. Poor thing screamed of course but calmed down pretty quickly.


Following his injections, Casper was really grizzly and a bit lethargic. I kept him close to me and he seemed fin other than that. On Sunday he was the same but as long as he was being cuddled he was okay.


Then came Sunday night, at 9:30am he woke SCREAMING. Nothing we did would calm him. Not even the boob which is his all time favourite thing. By midnight I couldn't take it anymore so I took him to hospital, Paul stayed home with Otis.


We weren't seen till 4am which was super frustrating being they weren't even busy. The Dr ran some tests and everything came back fine. In this time he had settled and was sleeping on and off on me, thankfully. He was exhausted the poor thing. 

I just sat on the bed holding him, kissing him and wishing he would be okay.

Apparently a reaction like this is pretty common after the rotavirus so they discharged us and we got home at 7:30am - which meant I hadn't slept in 24 hours.


When we walked in, Paul basically threw me into bed and took over the boys. I managed to get a 3.5 hour nap and then another nap in the afternoon which made me feel so much better.


Casper also had two massive sleeps that day. We just let him sleep for as long as he needed which ended up being a 2.5 nap in the morning and a 3 hour one in the afternoon. He was fast asleep by 6pm and had a great sleep that night.


He's now SO much happier and back to his giggling self which is the biggest relief! I can tell his tummy isn't 100% though because he's having quite watery poo's but he's not in pain anymore.


Otis never reacted to his immunisations so this was quite a shock to us and very scary. I'm really hoping he doesn't have any more reactions - my heart was breaking not being able to help him :(


I don't know how I would have survived the day if Paul hadn't of stayed home on the Monday. So Paul, thanks for being an amazing husband and Daddy. I couldn't picture doing this parenting gig with anyone else xx


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