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Eleven Weeks with our Baby

The days and weeks are blending into one!

I honestly don’t know what day of the week it is some days!
I have lost count how many weeks we have been isolating now. I started isolating myself and the boys about two/three weeks before the government told us too so it feels like forever.


Casper has barely met the family
It makes me sad that no one even knows Casper. Hardly anyone has seen him. It’s such a weird time to have a new baby. I really feel for the first time parents having to navigate their new life so alone. Becoming a new parent already feels scary & isolating let alone throwing in a pandemic into the mix.
Unsettled nights from an upset tummy
We had a couple more unsettled nights with Casper. Our friend who is a chiro has been doing some gentle adjustments on him still and she’s really happy with how he’s going. So physically there isn’t anything causing him discomfort.
I started keeping a food diary to see if there is any link to something I am eating and Casper’s tummy issues.
A few days into doing this and I believe I have found the culprit - curry.
On Thursday I had curry for lunch and Casper was unsettled quite early on in the night which has never happened before.
Friday night he was fine.

Saturday night I had a different type of curry for dinner and then he was unsettled from 2am.
What a breast feeding mother eats takes 4-6 hours to make its way into her milk which explains why he was unsettled so early on the night on a Thursday and later in the night on Saturday.
Monday night I discovered another trigger - oats. I did a little research and this commonly causes gas due to the fiber content.
So now I am going to go on a curry and oat strike to see if we have any more of these unsettled episodes. I’m hoping I’ve been lucky enough to find the culprits already. I will keep you posted with what I discover in the next week. If you have an unsettled bubba with gas maybe these foods are something you can cut out too.

Perfect time for toilet training
We decided to start toilet training Otis this past weekend. He’s 2.5 now and given we are not going out on weekends or even during the week for that matter, we figured what better time to tackle this milestone. I went out to my favourite place - Kmart - and for him some dinosaur jocks. I was weirdly emotional buying these. It’s a huge milestone to go through. His bum looks so cute in little jocks haha.
Together we have chosen not to tackle toilet training during the night. With Casper being so little, we need all the sleep we can get so it’s just the days we are working on. Once Otis is in a big boy bed and Casper’s tummy issues have settled then we will tackle the nights.
We are two days into toilet training and let me tell you, this is not easy. You have to be so switched on all day. You have to be constantly reminding him about going to the toilet. I feel like such a nag! Day two was definitely better than the first though. Lots of accidents but we are seeing progress.
I tell you what, this is harder than any sleep challenge I have faced!
For those of you with toilet trained toddlers, send me your tips and tricks. I am always open to hearing other people’s experiences.

Goodbye catnapping!?!
No more cat napping! Well, sort of.
Ever since Casper started settling himself to sleep I have been resettling one nap a day as he wasn’t doing this himself. I’d sometimes do two, but always at least one. After 10 days of resettling we finally got one without me helping! Because of all my continuous resettling for his lunch nap, Casper now knows to link his sleep cycles for this nap - smart little man.
Our days look like this:
- Short nap
- Long nap
- Short nap
- Bridging nap (sometimes depending on how the other naps have gone)
I can pretty much say he is asleep by 6:30/7pm each night, so Paul and I have our nights back again which is great. As a couple we love this alone time - all we do is talk about Otis and Casper though haha.

Pram naps
We also did our first pram nap this week. Whenever we have gone for a walk I have slept Casper in the baby carrier but it was raining so I thought we’d give it a go. I swaddled him and covered the pram with the rain cover and he fell asleep almost instantly! He loved it. So once we have Otis’s toilet training sorted I’ll start taking them both out for walk in the tandem pram. That’s going to be a tough workout - we live in a very hilly area.
Happy bubba
Aside from Casper’s tummy troubles he is the most calm and happy baby. When he’s awake he’s so smiley and loves a good chat. He’s getting chunky like Otis did at this age which I LOVE - the chunkier the better.
I am soaking up each day with Casper as I know how fast it truly goes. I must admit though I’m soooo excited for him to be about 4 months old. I find the ages 4-10 months so cute and fun. I love when they start laughing, I love the crawling stage, I love the slobbery kisses and the first few words. It’s such a magical time.

For now though I’m going to soak up the gorgeous scent of his milky breath whilst Otis pee’s on the floor because I’ve forgotten to take him to the toilet.. haha.

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