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Introducing Solids and Menacing Toddlers

Solids journey and weigh in at the GP

Casper is loving his solid foods! It's so cute when I get him in the high chair and he starts jumping around wanting his food haha.

At the moment he has lunch and dinner. I'm going to wait perhaps another month or so before introducing breakfast because I don't want to overload his digestive system.

I have introduced so many foods already which he is handling well. He got a red rash around his face from eggplant so I haven't given him that again but I will try it in a few weeks and see how he goes with a second exposure.

He of course loves his fruit which is no surprise - what baby doesn't?

So far he has been eating (all purees) -

Pumpkin                 Pear                     Bone marrow

Sweet potato          Apple                   Chicken liver

Carrot                     Banana                Veg broth (mixed in with some puree)

Zucchini                  Strawberry           Sardines

Broccoli                                               Avocado





I basically expose him to a new food every few days to see how he goes and I look for any reactions. He did seem to be a bit uncomfortable after mushroom and carrot and I read that they can be a bit harder to digest so I haven't given him them again but I will in the next few weeks.


I reintroduced gluten into my diet to see how he went and the next day he had tummy pains and farts so I have stopped eating it again. Funnily enough the next day I also had stinky farts (sorry TMI haha) so perhaps I am a bit sensitive to gluten. This is something I had never noticed before but will take into account for the future.


We had our 4 week weigh in with our GP and it went really well. Casper has put on 220grams which is great! Our GP was really happy with that too. He's now sitting at the 10th percentile instead of 0 so as long as he follows the curve we have nothing to worry about. 

I do have an appointment next week with a paediatric allergist to get an opinion about his tummy and how he has these episodes of tummy pain which I believe is linked to food I am eating.

So hopefully we can get some answers from him.


Ahhh sleep. Something poor Casper has struggled with a bit due to his tummy but I am happy to report (tough wood) that he is sleeping soooo much better.

During the day he has a 45 minute morning nap, roughly 2 hours over lunch and 30-40 minutes in the afternoon. This last nap is always done in the baby carrier on our walk and I absolutely soak in this cuddly nap. It's just the best. He hasn't got long left of this afternoon nap, he's 6 months next week and as his awake window pushes out this last nap gets pushed back later and later. My plan is to hold onto it for as long as I can until I see it start to impact bed time. Once that starts to happen I will see how he goes without it.


During the night he is so much better too. Generally we have two overnight feeds unless he has a sore tummy, which he will usually wake for an extra feed for comfort. I don't resettle him when I know he's uncomfortable, I just feed him and pop him back down. These kind of nights are getting further apart which is nice for us both.


I have now moved out of our bedroom and into the sunroom with Paul. Our bed room has officially been taken over by Casper haha.

Casper is quite a light sleeper so he needs his own sleeping space.

I also missed being in the same bed as Paul so as much as I could have stayed in the bedroom with Casper (because I am not as loud as him, he literally breaths loud lol) - I decided to move out. 

Sleeping in the sun room doesn't bother us at all. We aren't going to be in our house for that much longer so this is short term - soon enough we will all have proper bed rooms!


Otis is now only napping for 30-40 minutes which is brutal! I am so not ready for this transition to no day nap. I need this little break in my day to catch up on emails and shove chocolate in my mouth without it being stolen haha.

But, it needs to happen. He was taking too long to fall asleep at night and as soon as I cut it back he went from taking 45 minutes to taking 10 minutes.

Otis - the menace

Many of you have been seeing how much of a menace Otis has been lately. He is just next level crazy all of a sudden. In the last 6 months he has had a massive shift in development. His vocabulary has exploded and so has his attitude.

We always joke that he looks like me but acts like Paul. Paul was just as crazy as a kid and can even be a bit crazy as an adult - especially on the soccer field! So when Paul complains that Otis is being defiant and stubborn, I just laugh and say 'karma'.


Otis has started calling us 'Tracey' and 'Paul'. We made the mistake of laughing the first time it happened and now he thinks it's hilarious. 

He also thinks it funny when I am feeding Casper, he sits there laughing saying 'Bubby is eating Mummies boobies'. Honestly, when he is awake there is no peace and quiet, poor Casper cannot even feed without being laughed at, poked, and jumped on.


As much as most nights we cannot wait for Otis to be in bed, we LOVE his outgoing and confident personality. He makes us laugh everyday and we hope he continues to be this way through life because he is an absolute hoot.



Thank you xx

I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers. Working from home and using social media as my platform is not easy. I put in hours and hours of my time into bringing you all content that I hope you enjoy reading and listening to. I appreciate it so much when you interact back with me and I love getting to know you all through your messages, comments and bubba's sleep journey's.

It's an honour that you follow along and it's such a pleasure when you choose me to be part of your parenting journey.


Thank you for reading this blog and I will be sure to let you all know how we go with the allergist next week.

I haven't been able to keep up with my weekly blogs between two kids, a house, a husband and clients but I will continue to write them every few weeks when I get a chance.


All my love xx


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