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3 Months with our Baby

Happy 3 Months!

Happy 3 months to our little Casper - our sweet, calm and cuddly Daddy look alike :)
These past 3 months have gone by so fast but at the same time they also haven’t. It feels like I only just gave birth to this beautiful boy, but it also feels like he’s been with us for such a long time.

It has been an absolute roller coaster ride. Our time together started with a powerful birth, cluster feeding, tummy issues, baby wearing, mastitis, isolation, toilet training, food diaries and a whole new level of love I never thought possible.

Having Two Children
Having two children is no walk in the park. Well it’s a walk in Jurassic park due to all the dinosaurs scattered through our house these days.
Some day’s you feel like you’ve absolutely nailed motherhood, and other days you are counting down the minutes till bed time so you can collapse on the couch and stuff your face with chocolate without it being stolen.

Having two children has taught me I am stronger than I realise. It’s taught me I am capable of so much more than I ever thought I was.
Juggling a newborn and trying to ensure a toddler who’s life has now changed forever doesn’t feel second best is not an easy task, but I feel for the most part I’m doing pretty great.
Sure, there are day’s where we’ve all cried, where we’ve all had a meltdown (or two) but those are becoming further apart. Our days are becoming so much easier, there’s a natural flow to them.
This is all going to change once restrictions lift though and then we will have to adjust to a new kind of routine, one that’ll involve Otis going back to kindergym and playgroup.

Toilet Training Success
Otis’s toilet training is going so well. We barely have to prompt him to go to the toilet. He more often than not tells us when he needs to go.
We find he struggles when not at home though. We’ve walked to the park a few times and each time he’s had an accident even if we’ve ensured he’s gone before we leave.
Having never toilet trained a toddler before I assume this will just take some more practise.
I’ve had a few people ask how we have gone about toilet training. I don’t believe there’s any superior way to go about it. You need to find a way that you’re comfortable with and what’ll Dior your family best.
We chose not to tackle the nights or even his day nap. He gets a pull up for his nap and bed time. Most days he wakes from his nap dry though because we take him before he goes to sleep and straight away when he wakes. We also don’t make a fuss about putting the pull up on, we just do it as if we are putting his jocks on. This is so he doesn’t try and hold in his wee’s or poo’s to save them for the nappy.
When he does a wee he gets a smartie and when he does a poo he gets a snake. We also celebrate every victory with clapping and squeals - Otis loves being celebrated so this works well for him.
If he’s had an accident we don’t tell him off, we simply explain that wee’s go in the toilet and clean everything up.
It took Otis 11 days to go accident free and from then he’s been pretty consistent unless we’ve gone to the park haha.

Mother's Day
Mother’s Day was so strange this year. I definitely had a nice day but because if the restrictions it still had a bit of a somber vibe to it.
Probably didn’t help that Casper had a shocking night the night before so I woke up exhausted. Paul however forced me to get up and we all went down to get take away coffees which certainly perked me up. fresh air and sunshine is so good for the soul.
Paul’s Mum and siblings dropped in for a visit. Otis was sooo excited to see them. He went nuts haha. He definitely put on a show for them which was very entertaining. The poor thing hasn’t seen them all since Casper was born! He made up for time though.

Chubby Bubba
Casper is getting chubbier by the day, clothes that fit him last week no longer fit him anymore
- I had forgotten just how fast they grow out of their clothes at this age.
He rolled from belly to back for the first time this week and has done it a few times since as well. He's smiling SO much, all you have to do is look at him and he smiles. If you sit and talk to him, he will coo and ahh at you as if he really is having a conversation with you. I am on the verge of getting a giggle out of him too, it's almost happened so many times, the suspense is killing me, I just want to hear what his laugh is like. Hearing your child laugh at any stage is just magic to your ears and heart.

Tummy Issues
Casper’s tummy is still causing trouble. I started doing the dreamfeeds again because not doing them actually made the nights worse. He was waking even earlier and I was getting even less sleep.
I started him on the Brauer colic mix, the first night it made a big difference but then the following days it felt like we were back to square one, however on Monday night we had the BEST NIGHT we’d ever had! I did the dreamfeed at 10:15pm and then he didn’t wake until 4:45am. I wanted to cry happy tears. I couldn’t believe it. I am hoping and praying that this is a step towards a settled Casper. I really hope he’s not longer going to be suffering with uncomfortable gas.
I’ll let you know next week how this week goes xx

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